June 20, 2008

Get Free Shit

Hey, we're on Amiestreet.com now. They're giving out $5 to anyone who signs up. If you don't have our music and want it for free, you can get it there. Or you could get any music for up to $5. http://amiestreet.com/_l/cdbabygift It's a good way to get free music without the guilt of ripping people off. Or, I guess, the fun of ripping people off. Depending on your own personal philosophy. So go get $5 worth of legitimate free shit and then go back to your filthy, filthy ways.

June 12, 2008

Upcoming Show!

Hey, we got a show on Friday at South Union Arts. We're playing with Kris Racer and Paper Airplane Pilots. Show at 9pm. BYOB. I wanted to make flyers for the show, but then I thought it would be much easier to have four friends make them. Thanks Ashleigh, Zaid, Amelia, and Steve.

The Flyers

this drinking octopus was made by ashleigh

this farting cat was made by amelia

and this tasteful work of art was crafted by Zaid
this thing was made by stv slv

this hungry alligator was made by ashleigh also