December 1, 2010

New Album and March Tour!!!!!!!

We've been rather dormant lately working on a new album but that's all about to change. The album is almost done (let's say it will be available in a month or so). Most of the songs are about this guy. He's awesome.

Also, we are going to tour the south and east coast of our beautiful united states this March. We went west last year so we decided to give the other side of the continent a try (Sorry, west coasters, but we'll be back in the summertime). Here's basically where we want to go:
So, if you want us to come to or near your hometown, give us a holler. If you can help us book any shows, even better. If you know of an all ages venue in your town, let us know.

You can:
Demand us to play in your neck of woods at:
or contact us at:
or tweet at us:
or youtube us:
or use good ol' fashioned email:
or write your local congressman and tell them your country needs dpc more than ever: