December 1, 2010

New Album and March Tour!!!!!!!

We've been rather dormant lately working on a new album but that's all about to change. The album is almost done (let's say it will be available in a month or so). Most of the songs are about this guy. He's awesome.

Also, we are going to tour the south and east coast of our beautiful united states this March. We went west last year so we decided to give the other side of the continent a try (Sorry, west coasters, but we'll be back in the summertime). Here's basically where we want to go:
So, if you want us to come to or near your hometown, give us a holler. If you can help us book any shows, even better. If you know of an all ages venue in your town, let us know.

You can:
Demand us to play in your neck of woods at:
or contact us at:
or tweet at us:
or youtube us:
or use good ol' fashioned email:
or write your local congressman and tell them your country needs dpc more than ever:



Shelby said...

Ah, Finally. I've been waiting on the wings. Almost fell off back there.
Anyways, this is epic. I think I can successfully bribe someone into taking me 8-10 hours east, as San Antonio TX is probably not going to be a hot spot on the...eventful page.
Either way, excited and good luck!

Alexa said...

I can get you guys a show at a local venue I've played at many times in Akron, Ohio. It's a nice venue, you should be able to do an all ages show, and I'm on a good terms with the booking guy.
Let me know if you're interested!

email me at:

Amy Flint said...

Come to Washington, DC! 9:30 Club is all-ages and really great, it can fit a lot of people but still feels intimate.

LP said...

Looking to play in Maine? I can definitely get you booked in Portland! (And a little further north in Hallowell, too!)

email if interested: liseralerio@gmail

Ariel said...

I don't need reasons or explanations. Just come to Brooklyn or Manhattan, dammit


DaDeceptiveOne said...

Finally, more DPC^^

Spencer said...

You must come to New Hampshire. I'm quite the persuasive person and I can help with booking, if need be, Please? (: Plus, my city is absolutely beautiful, and almost not city-like at all.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis! Varsity Theater or Triple Rock are great!

Anonymous said...

Anywhere in the Philadelphia, PA area would be amazing. Since March is the month that my birthday is in, I could definitely talk someone into driving me to one of your shows :)

chelsea cat said...

pittsburgh pa please :)

Anonymous said...

oxford, mississippi?

you would be a breath of fresh air. we normally get country stars.

Anonymous said...

Minneapolis, please. :D

The Riverview Wine Bar/ Cafe is all ages, despite being a bar. They have a lot of musical acts there. :)

madinthemoon said...

Come to Austin! Live Music Capital of the World!

Donald Edinborough said...

Springfield, Missouri! If you interested I can make some calls.

Aly said...

You should come to Winston-Salem, NC! We're called "The City of the Arts", since North Carolina School of the Arts is here. We have quite a few local venues that host music, including Krankies Coffee (, The Garage, and a few other-- the Krankies page has links to a few of them to check out!

jmstarship said...

OMAHA,NE!!!! You guys should totally play here again! The waiting room is a great all ages venue, or the same one you guy's played on your last tour would work great too! Just come play Omaha again, that's all I ask!

Andy Glover said...

hi, you should come to Seattle.

that is what i think

for what it's worth

Kristen said...

You'll be coming to Manhattan, IL for a private show in Alan's house I assume? ;)

Anonymous said...

Please come somewhere in Florida. Preferably the Orlando area.

April Genet said...

if you didn't come to NYC i would be so surprised. even if you just end up going to jersey i would TOTALLY take a train. just make sure it's not an over 21 place please!!!

Erin L. said...

You should definitely come to Chapel Hill, NC. We're a great college town with awesome bars & food places, and a GREAT music scene. Cat's Cradle would love to have you!

Ariel said...

Come to an all ages venue in Maine I know of people who love you like me <3

Anonymous said...

I agree you should come to the 9:30 club in washington DC. You would get a royal welcome

Ashlee Erny said...

Pittsburgh, PA! Western PA will love you guys. What kind of venues are you looking for in terms of size? It's like mama bear, daddy bear, baby bear... what's too small and what's just right?

Anonymous said...

Come to La Crosse, Wi or Winona, Mn! Not that far from Chicago! Please Please Please!!!!!

Ariel said...

maine maine maine! the portland area! :D

Julie said...

Boston. Defiantly come to Boston.

Anonymous said...

Tampa, Fl is a good city to play in.

Anonymous said...

you guys should come to rochester,ny!

Anonymous said...

Nathan P. Murphy's in Springfield, MO

Anonymous said...

Anywhere in Colorado!!!!!!

Pyralis Day said...

Come to Knoxville, TN noone cool ever comes to Tennessee! We need good music, get booked at the Valarium!

Anonymous said...

Come to Atlanta!!

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in South Carolina, please. The Music Farm in Charleston or the Handlebar in Greenville would be lovely.

Anonymous said...

It would be beyond fantastic if ya'll came out to Denver. There are some great venues out here, including but limited to The Gothic, The Paramount, The Ogden, The Filmore, The Bluebird, and the Marquis, just to name a few. If ya'll could make a trip out here, I would be thrilled, and I would do everything in my power to help promote it. Feel free to email me at, and I'd love to help out. Thanks, and have a lovely evening.

Anonymous said...


KayC95 said...

Texas definitely. i heard you say it on live vlog i think!! im so excited!!

Anonymous said...

definitely Texas. You can't tour without a Texas stop, hopefully around the Austin/San Marcos/San Antonio area. We've got great venues, awesome scenery and the best tacos in the planet.

Anonymous said...

You should come to Minneapolis, I know the guy who books for an all ages venue, Station 4. There is also Varsity theater, and the Triple rock club. It would be awesome to see you guys live.

E-mail me if you want me to try to help.

Theresa said...

It's not technically part of the area you're covering, but you're coming so close to Austin! It's the live music capital of the world and all that, but it's really just an awesome place (not that I'm biased. At all.)
Also, not a city short on venues, at all. Please come to Austin!

Tom Dickinson said...

Please come to Rhode Island. We are the smallest state, but we are also the state with the longest name and the largest amount of smallness per capita.

If you're thinking of coming to RI, the best potential venues for you guys would be:

Cough93 (Joe Coughlin) said...

YES YES YES!!! PLAY IN AKRON, OHIO!!! That would be so freaking awesome!!!

Anonymous said...


Cassie said...

Come to Jacksonville, FL PLEASE! Do you know what I would do Wheezy? I would cry. Cry until my little tear ducts couldn't take it no more. Theres two pretty cool venues here: Jackrabbits and Freebird. Please. Do it for the children.

Anonymous said...

yall better come to Atlanta! we love you here. :)
the Variety Playhouse is an all ages venue... so is the Masquerade, and the Tabernacle

Anonymous said...

austin austin austin come to austin. and by austin i mean austin texas. please. we dont have eagles here...

Zach Mitchell said...

You guys should come to PA, theres a place in Pottstown called the crocodile rock cafe, and you could play there. Ive had friends who played there and a bunch of famous bands as well

Amisha said...

MINNESOTA!!!!....preferably somewhere close to or actually in Mankato (we have a civic center!! ;]) but seriously though it's close you could drive here in like a minute (and by a minute I mean 8 hours...but still....)

Mr. Genie said...

Come to Houston please!

Anonymous said...

I feel like Austin Texas is a good place for stationary pony groups.

get it? cause it's like synonyms for...

just please come to austin.

Ryan said...

You should totally come to Chapel Hill Down here in NC. It would be lovely and I bet you'd love the town. Really pleasant.

Anonymous said...

Play somewhere in Cincinnati, OH!

Anonymous said...

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Frank said...

Come to San Antonio, TX.
Play at The White Rabbit.
Profit from fans, money, and tacos!

Anonymous said...

Come to Philadelphia! (under 21 please!) You guys would be a perfect fit for the diverse and amazing bands that swing through town all the time. We have so many amazing venues-

In the city- World Cafe Live, The Kyber, Danger Danger Gallery, The TLA, North Star Bar, Johnny Brenda's, The Kung Fu Necktie.

Outside the City- The Chameleon Club (Lancaster), The Croc Rock (Allentown), The Note (West Cheaster)


Anonymous said...

No Portland, Oregon :(

Caroline said...

Can you please come to Raleigh? We have a new outdoor concert ampitheater thingie magiger that they almost named after beer but then they decided not to because even though they would get lots of money they would probably have to give away free beer there and then all the little kiddies would get drunk. *wink*

Mackie said...

but i think i might've already said that.

Ms. Gwinn said...

Come to Richmond, VA please

Vynn said...

you need to come to Louisville KY!!

Kristin said...

Austin, TX is a must! Duh, it's the Live Music Capital of the World!

Anonymous said...

so..... I guess this means you aren't going to nevada... shoot

bosalyssa said...


Anonymous said...

Oh noes! Only three peoples demand you come to SLC!? C'mon people!

Anonymous said...

Austin fa'sho! Then you guys could totally eat at any random taco stand on wheels. C'mon, you know you love Texas.

Beard Lovely said...

Could you come to Pennsylvania, pretty please? Pittsburgh (they'd love you guys here!) or somewhere near Harrisburg would be nice!

Anonymous said...

love the songs... come to okinawa, japan and perform for the marines!!!

Anonymous said...

Come to the 9:30 Club in D.C.! It's a really great venue and you have many many fans out here!

Seth Edwards said...

Please come to Huntington, West Virginia! I'd love love love to see you guys.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE COME TO PORTLAND MAINE!!! The state theater, port city music hall, space and others would be perfect venues. Please, it's cold... If you don't come we'll think you don't love us or something!

eliminatetheinknown said...

Hey, come to Long Island! The Crazy Donkey in Farmingdale is a good all ages venue. I hope you come!

ANGEL TORRES (loud!) said...

Whaa!!? Grr no one i've seen so far has suggested so i will: IOWA please i know you here will make things awesome of epic proportions. Clarion is good but i know you can find a place in Goldfield(no theres no gold..i've looked)C'mon its like an 7-8 hour drive from your moms (hope that doesnt sound weird)

Ammmmerr said...

please please please please come to pittsburgh!!!

Sasha said...

Come to Houston, please!
Por favor?

Thats please in Spanish! Now you must come to Houston!! :D :D :D

NATH said...

VANCOUVER. (or Seattle if you don't want to cross the boarder into awesome land)

Please please please. You've got some big time beard lovers out here! :D

Anonymous said...


Danielle said...

please come to Connecticut!

prestron2000 said...

You should play at Penny Road Pub in Barrington Illinois; that'd be so freaking cool. It's a real intimate venue near your home and the fans could get a great show.

Jonathan said...

guys please please please please play a few canadian shows, especially toronto, been waiting for ever for this

Meara said...

You should come to Knoxville or Johnson City, TN. Or Asheville, NC. Please!! I recommend Johnson City, personally :D

Kathryn said...

Hey guys!
I'd really love to see you come to Richmond, Virginia (well, mainly because thats where I'm from). If you're interested in ever booking a show in Richmond I'd reccomend Strange Matter ( or the Canal Club (; both venues are almost always have openings in the schedule and local kids love seeing bands from all around play there. (:

thomessa said...

Since I'm pretty sure your going to Austin, Tx why don't you swing by Houston! :)

Dr. Wolffe said...

Dear Driftless Pony Club,

I am excited for your album. Please release it soon. If not, I will go insane. Thank you.

Petey the Bard

Bracara said...

another tour! omg omg! im so excited. I just finished watching the first tour de beard. :) I hope you'll record your adventures this time as well.
(i would request for you but i live in canada...)

Anonymous said...

Cincinnati please please please! :D

Anonymous said...

You guys could probably get into hershey statium or Giant center in Pa pretty easily!! I'd love for you guys to come to Pa to jam!!

MacEviL said...

I'm in Tallahassee, but it's kinda dull here. Just keeping playing in Chicago occasionally and I'll come see you. I've never been to Chicago.

Anonymous said...

can you come to england

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