February 12, 2011


Listen to a track and pre-order here!

site: http://www.driftlessponyclub.com
youtube: http://www.youtube.com/sambonejr
facebook: http://facebook.com/driftlessponyclub
email: driftlessponyclub@gmail.com
Mar 5, St. Louis, Lemp Arts
Mar 7, Kansas City, Jerry's Bait Shop
Mar 8, Fort Worth, The Aardvark
Mar 9, Houston, Super Happy Funland
Mar 10, Dallas, Opening Bell Coffee
Mar 11, Nashville, Billups Art Gallery/Music Hall
Mar 14, Pittsburgh, Garfield Artworks
Mar 15, Baltimore, Sidebar Tavern, The
Mar 16, New York City, Local 269 on Houston East side
Mar 17, Philadelphia, MilkBoy Coffee - Ardmore
Mar 18, Hamden, The Space
Mar 19, Cleveland, WILBERT'S FOOD & MUSIC
Mar 26 or 27th, Orlando, http://playlist-live.com/
Apr 9, Chicago, Schubas


gymnerd said...

No love for south texas ;(

Joe said...

Bought the CD. Loving it. Could've gone w/o the bonus tracks imo.

Haze said...

Totally going to go to the Nashville show! Can't wait :-)

Brandon said...
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Brandon said...

Wish you would to NC.

Anonymous said...

Oh man same night same place as the Protomen. Wish I lived in Pittsburg :c

Brie said...

There's actually a place called super happy funland?
I wish I worked there...
Anyway, coming to see you in april! :)

William said...

Craig, I still hate that the band isn't coming to Greensboro, NC like I so so so so so so so so so so wanted you to :(

Brian Philip said...
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Brian said...

What's the price of the ticket? I wanna see you in Dallas.

Kyle said...

My friends totally dig indie rock and we love DPC. Come on, come to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Iff you do I will., something exciting.! :D
it doesn't have to be this year but on the next tour, please come.

SisterhoodOfPixels said...

Hey, question about your Columbus show: What time is it and also is there an age restriction? Because based on the venue it seems like there might be.

Nikki said...

Come to California!!!

zapdara said...

Just got my CD in the mail-it's completely amazing! I love the organization and the flow of it. Great job!

Anonymous said...

You guys should come to Portland Maine!

Matt said...

Instead of going to Orlando you should go to Melbourne, Florida to the Maxwell King Center, It's only like an hour away from Orlando and I bet you'll have a bigger audience, plus it's only like 2 minutes from my house!