March 1, 2012

March Tour and Playlist Live

We're going on tour this March to and fro Playlist Live!

March 21 - Rohs Street Cafe - Cincinnati, OH
March 22 - The Muse - Nashville, TN
March 23 - Swayze's - Marietta, GA
March 24-25 - Playlist Live - Orlando, FL
March 27 - The Garage - Durham, NC (w/ Mike Falzone and Meghan Tonjes!)
March 28 - The Fire - Philadelphia, PA
March 29 - The Space - Hamden, CT (w/ Mike Falzone and Meghan Tonjes!)
March 30 - Middle East - Cambridge, MA
March 31 - The Living Room - New York, NY
April 1 - The Grog Shop - Cleveland Heights, OH

See ya then!


Kate said...

do you guys hate Detroit? i need you to play a show in my hometown within an hour radius of my house so i don't have to take a vacation to come see you play live!!

please. xoxo.

Ethannat said...

Thanks for coming to Philly! I hope to see you then.

CB said...

Aw man! I would love to see you guys in FL, but I live too far away! AND I am in Georgia during then, so... Yeah...

Chris said...

Can I buy tickets ahead of time for the Philadelphia show?!

ReflexPhoto said...

Photographer in Cincinnati:
You guys want some photos of your show?

Truthful Tenent said...

I love that you're literally driving through DC just to go to Philly. Thanks for not stopping guys! :P

Unknown said...

Gooo to San Francisco, or anywhere else in California and i'll be there. But mainly San Francisco.