With over ten years on the DIY indie rock circuit, Driftless Pony Club has harnessed the power of YouTube to expose their angular, 90s styled indie rock to a diverse and widespread fanbase totally outside of the mainstream music industry. Through his quirky Youtube videos, lead singer Craig Benzine (AKA Wheezy Waiter) has amassed over 350,000 subscribers and pulled in fans from all corners of the world. The Chicago-based crew (Craig Benzine, Matt Weber, Sam Grant, and Nate Bartley) has packed venues in cities across the United States with more shows and more cities in the works.

Influenced by bands like The Pixies, Weezer, and most notably Modest Mouse, Driftless Pony Club has released three full length LPs and an EP. Their most recent album (released on DFTBA records), Buckminster, drew inspiration from the life and works of visionary architect, Buckminster Fuller yet " . . somehow manages to rock despite its nerdy genesis."

With a Spring tour in the works for March, the band also hopes to release its next album by the end of June 2012.


Wisconsin State Journal, Aug. 1st 2011:

"Craig Benzine, lead singer of Chicago indie-rock crew Driftless Pony Club, could easily be classified as an internet celebrity. Recording YouTube videos under the name Wheezy Waiter, the singer/comedian has amassed more than 345,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed more than 38 million times. With that in mind, expect a few laughs between songs as the group works through selections off their latest, “Buckminster,” an album that somehow manages to rock despite its nerdy genesis: the band found inspiration in the life and work of author/engineer/inventor Buckminster Fuller. The Faith Hills Have Eyes and Dr. Dolphin also perform. (Safe Bet)"

Metromix Interview, April 4, 2011

"Considering its primary source of inspiration, “Buckminster,” the fourth effort from local indie-rock quartet, Drifless Pony Club, has no business rocking as hard as it does."

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Tom Milsom Buckminster Review, Feb. 13, 2011

"Buckminster, their first album-length post-Expert release, wisely builds on a lot of the things that make Expert great. Songs build and gently climb, or explode into glorious finales. Few bands can write a riff as successful as the line that permeates ‘House Of 1982 Built Like A Ship’. Lyrically, the album is full of perfectly observed moments of everyday interaction. This hazy recollection of past moments in a lifetime is often what DPC do best, which suits this album, a psuedo-biography of the Engineer, Designer and Futurist Richard Buckminster Fuller, down to the ground."

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